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Building a new home can often appear intimidating. Even though it may seem like a complicated and confusing process, Foxcraft Homes excels in taking the mystery out of the home building experience. From start to finish, you can count on Foxcraft Homes.

STEP 1: Consult with Foxcraft Homes

You will first meet with our knowledgeable Foxcraft Homes Representative to get all your questions answered. You will then be introduced to our wide selection of featured homes in our comfortable design center. There you will have the opportunity to view the vast array of options and selections that go into making your new home truly yours.

Prefer something a bit more custom? Feel free to bring along your plans. Your Foxcraft Homes Representative will then gather the necessary information to provide you with a preliminary estimate for your new home. All estimates are completed in a timely and accurate manner, usually within a week or less.

STEP 2: Estimate Review

You will meet with your Foxcraft Homes Representative to review your preliminary estimate. At this point, it is common to revise the estimate to fit your needs and budget. Occasionally, several estimate review meetings are necessary in order to make the home truly yours. Our Foxcraft Homes Representative is always available to answer any of your questions. You will also have an opportunity to view some of the products and materials that make Foxcraft Homes an industry leader.

STEP 3: Agreement For Services

Thus far, a preliminary estimate has been provided to you. It has been reviewed and revised to fit your needs and budget. At this point, all pricing has been a service provided free of charge and specific to the home, not the building lot. A $500 deposit is required to finalize your estimate, includes any costs that are specific to your building lot. If the home plan is outside of our collection, or an in-house plan with significant modifications, the deposit may be more. It is very important to note that, in most cases, this is the only out of pocket cash required to build your new home. There is no additional deposit or payment due at contract signing. This payment is also a true deposit – the contract amount is reduced by the amount of your deposit. If for some reason the project does not proceed to construction, then the deposit becomes compensation for Foxcraft Homes for the above stated work.

During this step, a Foxcraft Representative will meet you at your building site to determine such things as home location, proposed finished grades, site costs, etc. In order to work effectively, the customer needs to be prepared with lot corners marked, approximate home location selected and approximate utility locations determined.

STEP 4: Final Estimate Review

You will, again, meet with your Foxcraft Homes Representative to review your final estimate which now includes all site costs. You can still make changes during the final estimate review to suit your specific needs. We will then make any final adjustments to the home and pricing.

STEP 5: Construction Agreement

You will now meet with your Foxcraft Homes Representative to sign the Construction Agreement. You are provided a copy of all contract documents as well as everything your lender will need to prepare your construction loan.

STEP 6: Complete Pre-Construction Checklist

When you sign your Construction Agreement you are provided a sheet called a Pre-Construction Checklist. This checklist includes all items that you will need to complete within 45 days before we can begin construction on your new home. All items are fully explained and include such things as completing your loan process and closing, completing your color selections here at our design center, approving the final copy of your construction blueprints, etc.