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We believe that...

About Our Customers

  • Our customers deserve our very best.
  • Our customers are interested in value and service over price alone.
  • Unspoken, and perhaps unconscious needs and emotions influence our customer's decisions.
  • Complaints are opportunities from discriminating customers to refine our systems and demonstrate Company character.

About Our Employees

  • Our employees are our most valuable company asset.
  • Anyone can learn from anyone else in any situation.
  • Solutions are more important than pinning blame.
  • Orchestrated patterns are necessary and natural for people.
  • Every frustration is the result of a system failure or lack of one.
  • Curiosity leads to improved performance and innovation.
  • Having fun at work is good.

About Our Business

  • The business is a reflection of the owners and their management.
  • Goals are reached through helping our customers reach their goals.
  • Systems should be as simple as possible.

About Each Individual

  • We should thank God for our blessings every day.
  • Positive attitudes change everything (PACE).
  • We only fail by not trying or by believing we've failed.
  • Mistakes are a part of learning.
  • Breaking out of our comfort zone is good, understanding that change is constant.
  • We all want to stretch to our best.
  • We tend to try and meet other's expectations.