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Making you feel good about your purchase during the building process is important to us, but so is making you feel good after you move in. We're proud to offer a warranty that we believe to be one of the most comprehensive in the industry.

In order to provide you assurance of owning a quality home, your new home is covered by our limited warranty. The basic terms of the warranty are as follows:

1. Six Month Checkup: We have carefully inspected your new home and feel we have delivered an excellent product. As you settle in, you may discover items needing warranty work which are not noticed until the home is used on a daily basis. With this in mind, we will schedule a checkup during the sixth month of occupancy to identify at one time any items needing attention. Please hold warranty calls (except emergencies) until your six month checkup. In emergency situations please call the phone number provided at the new home orientation.

2. One (1) Year Warranty Service (6 months to 1 year): After the first six months, it is unlikely that problems will occur resulting from the original construction. However, if you need warranty service during this time, you may call our customer service department or mail your request. Please refer to the "Detailed Performance Guidelines" section of this manual and to the maintenance booklet, "Your New Home", which you received at orientation. These references will help you understand our warranty coverage and your maintenance responsibility during this period.

3. Two (2) Year Warranty Service: Warranty service will be provided up to the second anniversary date of occupancy for the heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing systems only. Please refer to the "Detailed Performance Guidelines" section of this manual and the written Limited Warranty.

4. Correction Time: We will work to fulfill your request within a reasonable amount of time. Please be patient if we must order materials or research the cause of a situation. We understand that people have busy schedules and that it may be difficult to set up an appointment. The more flexible you can be, the sooner we should be able to fulfill your request.

5. Service After Warranty: If you request a repair or adjustment after the warranty coverage is past, we can offer our service for a reasonable fee to cover material and labor expenses. In some cases, such as storm damage, your homeowners' insurance may cover the cost of repair after you have met your deductible. If you are considering further improvements to your home, please consider the remodeling services of our sister company, First General Services.

6. Five (5) Year Warranty Coverage: From the second to the fifth anniversary of the "Effective Date of Warranty", as specified on the "Application for Warranty" form, your home is warranted against major structural defects. A major structural defect is actual physical damage to the load-bearing structure of the home and failure of the load-bearing components, causing a safety hazard.

This warranty transfers to subsequent buyers until the warranty period has expired.

Please visit our Warranty Request section for more information.